The Not so Instant Messenger

Have you ever been involved in an IM chat like this?

Tommyboy187 (9:38pm): Hi

PrincessK09 (9:38pm): Hi

Tommyboy187 (9:46pm): What’s new?

PrincessK09 (9:47pm): Not much, just finishing up my Lit project.  You?

Tommyboy187 (9:59pm): Not much

The person starts a conversation then takes at least 5 minutes to respond to postings.  It is irksome.  Imagine, just for a second, that this was a phone call.  You would hang up with that long of a pause.  It’s rude.  Bottom line, if you start a conversation respond promptly and engage actively in the conversation.  It’s just good manners.  If something came up then excuse yourself.