Most Annoying IM habits

Some people never manage to get the basics of cyber manners. Let’s look at some of the most annoying offenders.

1. The booty IM: This comes in two forms. The most common involves a chat mate who wants to have IM “phone” sex. The issue here is lack of discrimination. Oh, you’re at your grandma’s, at work, the campus library, so what? Just tacky. (Plus sex without intimacy or tactile simulation is just wasteful). The second is a late night booty call IM. Beware this one ladies. He’s keeping his options open in case you say no.
2. The ones who love to hear themselves type: Every answer, every thought is in the form of a paragraph. If you counted it up they would dominate 9110ths of the space. Turns out windbags aren’t any fun online either.
3. The long thinker: They start the conversation, ask you tons of questions, but take forever to get back to you. Be suspicious, you may be being pumped for information.
4. Death by IM minutia spam: No, we don’t want to know about the location of all of your babies freckles (unless they are shaped funny). Just send a photo and stop boring us.
5. IMvertising: Chat bots (or live people) who are only there to give a sales pitch to everyone online is just annoying.

Don’t be those people!