How an IM Can Compliment Your Social Networking Efforts

Many companies begin a social networking campaign without giving much thought to how they will support those efforts. One of the most effective ways to do this is with an IM. That may seem a bit out of place at first, but you have to consider the fact that if you do not provide a micro outlet for your members everything, even the things that you do not want to be seen, will be expressed on the macro scale.

Using an IM to compliment your social networking efforts allows you to:

* Provide a 1 on 1 service to the digital generation.
* Allow user/customers to air their grievances to the company privately and gain resolution if the issue is private, sensitive or embarrassing.
* Test a new idea on a small group of people, a digital focus group.

Consider the IM as a way to augment your social networking campaigns.

An IM Guide

Last week, we covered, in general how a full function IM can help the unemployed. Both with the job search itself and with keeping from feeling isolated. We are going to look into this subject more deeply. Not only, as a service to the readership of this site, but as a way to show the value of IM’s not only to teenagers, but to professionals of all ages.

So, whenever you see a blog posting tagged with “Job Search”, keep an eye out for helpful information that just might let you land that next job.

In the mean time here is a video on some of the best temporary jobs that you may want to consider:

IM, Survival Tool of The Unemployed

When you do not have a job one of the biggest problems can be the social isolation that come with it. Long hours on the computer, with a newspaper or polishing and re-polishing your resume can be disheartening and lonely.

Of course, you cannot just jet out Phoenix to visit your college roommate, or to Houston to hang out with your brother, you need to conserve you cash. That is where IM’s come in. A full featured IM that can give you video chat will let you stay in touch, face to face with the people that can give you support.

Not to mention that it can give you a boost in your networking as well. The ability to show off your new skills with whiteboard or file share could be the difference between getting a lead, or just having a nice chat.

A Guide to Video Chat Etiquette

If you are new to the world of video chat, or the world of telecommute there are some basic rules to using a video chat.

  • Dress professionally.  Unless your normal office environment is a casual one you will want to dress like you would to go in.  If you have to stand up or sit at a distance this means full body.  Your black sweat pants won’t fool anyone.
  • Remember your lens range and bring things that you are talking about into view.  Talking about the chart that no one can see isn’t productive.
  • Find your body space before the conference/meeting.  You head, shoulders and upper 1/3 of your torso should fit comfortably into the screen, without dominating it.  Don’t be too big or too small. If you are still unsure about what is right look at a television news caster.

From here on in it is standard meeting etiquette. Remember that video chat is the telecommuters version of going on a business trip.

The Power of Multi-tasking

When you begin thinking about a corporate instant messaging solution you may only be thinking about the read time collaboration that you will gain for your organization.  What you may not think about is how having a corporate instant messaging solution can help you to multitask without having to switch from application to application.  When you choose Brosix as your corporate messaging solution of choice you will be able to:
Send files from person to person (a task that used to be assigned to your email).
Have audio conferences and video conferences with your co-workers and/or clients.  (a task that used to be assigned to 3rd party software)
Share screenshots and co-browse the web to share resources.  (a capability that you may not even have right now)

Now you can see how Brosix will be the corporate instant messaging solution that can allow you to do it all without running multiple programs.