IM Annoyance: Making it up as you go

The land of IM is where abbreviated typing now known erroneously as text speak, began.  A lot of the time, this is a great time saver, or finger saver as the case may be.

A problem arises when people try to make it up as they go along.  Who knows what WAFH means?

  • Wearing a funny hat
  • Waiting around for Harry
  • Working for a Fu*** hick

The potential is endless.  Word to the wise, don’t make up your own, it’s too unclear.

Keeping Your IM’s Separate

Nowadays IM’s are showing up just about everywhere.  The question is do you really want it to?

You can end up with an IM in your email (Gtalk in Gmail) and in your social networking (Facebook) and even while you are using another IM tool (Jabber).

Do we really need all of this connection?  It leads to a chronic form of distraction.  A kind that keeps you from getting any kind of real work done.

Don’t get me wrong.  An IM can be a great productivity tool, just like a cell phone.  Like a phone there is a time and a place to turn it off.  Otherwise everything that you try to do will be endlessly distracted.  A 30 minute task could end up taking you 2 hours.

Maybe, we should learn to turn off the constant chatter and just focus.

The Power of Multi-tasking

When you begin thinking about a corporate instant messaging solution you may only be thinking about the read time collaboration that you will gain for your organization.  What you may not think about is how having a corporate instant messaging solution can help you to multitask without having to switch from application to application.  When you choose Brosix as your corporate messaging solution of choice you will be able to:
Send files from person to person (a task that used to be assigned to your email).
Have audio conferences and video conferences with your co-workers and/or clients.  (a task that used to be assigned to 3rd party software)
Share screenshots and co-browse the web to share resources.  (a capability that you may not even have right now)

Now you can see how Brosix will be the corporate instant messaging solution that can allow you to do it all without running multiple programs.